World in Consulting (Private) Limited 

World in Consulting (WiC) was formed in 2011 to provide rapid response to the local and international client needs. Our office is located in the Islamabad Business Centre close to all major donors and government departments. The purpose of WiC is to enable fast and efficient mobilization of national and international consultants in Pakistan in response to local needs.
Our ethos is team work and we actively encourage partnership approaches both within the company and in our dealings as a company with national clients, international donors, consultants and national stakeholders.
WiC will provide timely and comprehensive backstopping to ensure that the Assignment is implemented smoothly. Backstopping plays an essential part to link the client, the donor and the Assignment team.

Contact Information

Chatha Bakhtawar, Park Road,
Islamabad, Pakistan

Telephone: +92 (0) 51 232 1228

Fax: +92 (0) 51 232 1373


Skype: Info.WiC

Our Services

Survey and analyses
Governance and Public
Sector Reform
Land Reforms and MIS
Monitoring, Evaluation and Reviews

Institutional Reforms & Organisational Change

Capacity Building (Including Study Tours and Training)

Environment & Natural Resource Management

Business Support and Development Support Services

Trade, Standards & Enterprise Development

M&E Specialist
TEVAT Specialist